What I Would Do....

This topic oddly enough, comes up in my household fairly often. I attribute this to still having 2 teen aged and one college age kid at home. 
....though....I could be wrong and this may indeed be a major world threat. 

 Thinking about it, I made some (futile I am sure) plans to prepare for the day when (dare I say "if") they attack. 

 make sure you live somewhere with a moderate climate, heating and cooling is going to be impossible for any prolonged period of time. 

 naturally, food and water are going to be a problem, or collecting it would be, so, storing a vast amount of freeze dried food stuffs is a must, along with a good well with some type of inside access, a cellar perhaps or an attached mud room. get used to it cold, storing enough fuel for cooking will be next to impossible. lights are far more important then warm food, do you really want to fight zombies in the dark??? 

 CB or some type of shortwave radio, I think the Internet may prove to be less then reliable in this situation. 

 candles, hurricane lanterns and a few barrels of fuel for them, stored well away from any fire threat. 

 I have been assured that any ordinary fencing is just a waste of time and effort, so for us to have a secure location  that means guard grills on all windows and doors as well as blocking any exterior access points. 

 weapons is next on the list, as eventually your going to have to use them, home made flame throwers, shotguns and ammo, even heavy blades such as a scythe (sickle) to cut off the attackers lower extremities to slow them, our household hosts some fairly accurate archers so plenty of well balanced arrows for your compound bow, all these things would be useful and fairly easy to get. 

Once all is prepared you settle in to wait, listening for the shuffling approach of said  zombies, your nose, no doubt wrinkling as the sickly sweet stench of decay permeates the air. Hearing the soft sounds of their flesh hitting the ground as they continue to decay.........day after day  night after night............perhaps you have an upper area where you can access the outside, so, you spend part of your day outdoors. Watching the hordes of dead approaching, 

perhaps,........some are people you knew in life.......these foul creatures need no sleep and continue to scratch and pull at the grates over your windows and doors. Those that are able, moaning in torment and unquenchable hunger. Resting becomes nearly impossible with the noise and smell, so you try to nap when your able, in short shifts, never daring to leave things unguarded.

Days turn to weeks and weeks to months, there are still far to many to count and more seem to keep coming from who knows where by this point....newly dead and those less fresh sharing the space around what should be your safe haven.

Eventually, exhaustion takes its toll, and you sleep deeply, only to dream of the hordes invading your safehold, tearing into you and yours, devouring your living flesh. You wake screaming, agitating your housemates and exciting the hungry, their renewed activity raising the stench a bit.

More time goes by, food grows dull, and you barely eat, everything tasting like the odors surrounding you....theres no laughter anymore, no life, no real reason you can see to continue this existence, you wonder if this is all there is....no one answers your repeated attempts at contact on your radio..are you the only ones left in this sad sorry world now?

You scream in frustration and anger, wanting only to wake up from this horrible nightmare that is now your life.......realizing finally that there is no escape, all the promises of them dieing off seem to be fairy tales, as they get thicker by the day, always shuffling around constantly trying to get into where you are....the bodies of those few who fell, to arrow or bullet, replaced by dozens more. The entire area as far as you can see a dark writhing mass of walking dead,

Hearing wood splinter you turn,


...................................and embrace your fate.


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3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I want some batteries and a good friend to hang out with me too.

lol good idea, got to smell them anyway may as well use the bodies :p

That's a really cool depiction, I could actually vividly imagine the dank hopeless hideout you'd be in, and I appreciate the realistic ending. It wouldn't be too nice living for months with stinking corpses walking about. Good idea putting grills on the windows and stuff too. If 'it' ever happens you could occupy your time by stabbing them with spears n stuff through the grills, saving your ammo and arrows. If you get a wall of corpses piled high enough around the outside of the house it might afford you an extra stinking barrier of protection, and more time :P.