Hubby out of town so just tell what you would do to me....Sure i,m going to love this...Go for it...
4 Responses Jul 5, 2015

I would ***** you naked, feeling and rubbing all your beautiful woman parts along the way. Then I would lay you down on my bed and tie you spread eagled to all four posts and gag and blindfold you. After a short while I would take the gag off and would drag the head of my hard, pre-*** soaked **** back and forth across your lips. I'd kneel above your face, force my **** into your mouth and **** your throat. After we finished with that I'd untie you roll you over onto all fours and **** your ***. You would be whimpering with pleasure!

Take your money and run away.

n then stick my hand in ur halter n tweek ur nipples n untie ur top slip my hand n ur shorts unzip them to get our fingers on ur **** n rub it n slowly insert my finger until u *** then id bring my fingers to ur mouth to taste u n then turn u around n kiss u savoring ur ***** juice off of ur tongue n then step back n now u finsh what ud do to me

start off meeting u for drinks n id tell u to wear white shorts n a halter top after kissing hello id rub ur leg n tell u to go take off the thong off n bring back n hand it to me as u sit back down id take ur hand and place it on my **** i had pulled out m we would play with each other then finish our drinks n head to the room where ud stand as i *** behind u n kiss ur neck