seriously, this makes me curious. what if I meet up with people here on EP. what would they do? will it be awkward or will we have an awesome time hanging out or something else.
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hypnotize you?

It would be awesome if I met you knowing you are from EP. I would surely tell you, now you have a chance, what would you like to do with me, or what would you like me to do with you. Wouldn't that be exciting?

I'm going to brutally murder you and do vile things to your corpse.

not if I murder you first. :D

That is so mean!

wait. your reply was different a while ago. :3

You need to take your medication!

hush mate. xD

how are you doing that? o.O

I'm just being me.

jeez! I can't do much on mobile. :3 would be so cool! :D

You need a better mobile!

are you on mobile as well?

No, I am beyond mobiles.

lol. okay mate. :D

*tips top hat*

top hat? are you like, Jack the Ripper or something? xD

I'm Reid the Ripper.

hahaha! of course you are. xD

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id **** ur brains out