Let's role play.... You're walking by my room and you see me naked in bed with a toy inside me.... I'm breathing heavy and my body is shuddering and in almost there.... What do you do
thighspread thighspread
22-25, F
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I would finish u

let u continue with the toy as I gently start kissing ur ne k and ears as my hands slides onto ur breastfeeding I keep kissing fallowing my had own the side of ur body on tour thigh as I lick and suck on ur breastthen finally grab ur toy toss to the side and lick ur ***** to climax but then I will penatrated you climb all over you and finally two more ******* later we finish together. Something like that. lol

I'd take your you out, put it in your *** and then eat you out.

I would help you until you get there with rubbing and kissing. Then, I start another round with you without the toy.

As a man, I would go for you. As a human being I will try to close the door because I might have a lover of my own.

I would crawl to you and lick your hot spot as my hands gently stroked you.

I use the toy on your clip as I shove my bare **** deep.inside you. Working you with both till you beg me to fill your womb with my baby batter, which I would gladly do.

I think I need help. My binge eating disorder and my sex addiction are now making women look like slurpee's. I just want to slurp Em up. What is wrong with me. Is it the psychosis from the meth and alcohol? I'm 93 days clean and in a program and getting my sanity back. I've never experienced this before except when I did lsd and mushrooms, but now I'm clean, so why am I hallucinating? Please help!

Asked if you want some help or just an audience