Get me dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets? Yes? Ok so idk I'm just curious I guess
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Netflix and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and cuddle :)


Have sex with you

**** u so hared

Get you to clean the gutters.

Not as much as I used to but yes.

Gotcha. I'm more into the books myself.

Yeaa do u like novels?

I want to see that. Was it good?

The show lol sorry

You have to have fun by yourself sometimes.

I just watch goosebumps

I'm shameless. I even sing the part about high heels and perfume.

Oml haha

It's a great in your face song that's why. I sing the heck out of it when no one's around.

Hahah omg

Looks wise I love Selena but singing I like demi lovato more.

I love her song heart attack in not sure y but I do lol

I loved her since wizards of waverly place premiered. She was my childhood crush.

Lol I loved wizards of waverly place

I could listen to who says all day long and I love same old love.

Yea She's been my favorite since I was 5

So who's your favorite singer?

Selena Gomez

I've been a fan since sehe won American idol.

Ohh that's cool

But Carrie Underwood is my favorite singer.

Oh yea I've heard her

I just think she's a killer songwriter.

Yeah I guess lol 😂

I am. My favorite movie is the fault in our stars and I love listening to Taylor Swift songs.

Lol I love that movie and Taylor swift? Idk I'm not really a fan •_• tbh

Yeah. I'm really a hopeless romantic.

Yea ify

Yeah that was me. But I was just wondering what he was like.

It was??

I'd jab you with a stick.

If jab me with a stick too I'm an alien ify 😐


I would get to know you in person.

lol hey aren't u that same guy that asked the other guy those weird questions?


I freaking love those things.


Yea they're pretty good.