You'd buy me food? Right? Or what?
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14 Responses Nov 29, 2015

I would take you on a chopper tour of a canyon in Hawaii while I play with your nipples

And More. ( ^-^)

Sure i'd buy your food. Paying it forward is good every now and then

Sure baby I'll feed u

Make you pucker mix breakfast

Put you to work in the backyard.

Chopping branches and pulling weeds


I'd buy u food

take you out for dinner and a movie. showing you the best night I could. invite you to my house offering nothing more than cuddles and sleeping. leaving everything else up to you to start if you wanted.

I will do something that you like

Talk to you, get a sense of what you're like as a person, and take it from there.

tell you that I'll do anything that you want to do, and do it for you


ummm I'd take you to the movies then I'll take you out to eat and we'll lay down at the park under the night sky ^.^

o.o I'd see how long the homemade cage I built for you lasts while I play all your games on a screen that's not even facing you..

o.o But I'd also kill over your video games so we're tied..