just because I want to know. this should be fun.
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hypnotize you?

Wish I would write me so I could tell you what I do to u

tie your arms to the bed, blind fold you, then let you experience a variety of touch sensations all over your body

Would probably start with a are bottom spanking, don't won't to scare you away so will keep the rest to myself 😊😊😊😊😊

depends on what you would be wearing at the time sweetie :)

probably leggings boots and a nice top

hmmm...... well, I'll probably start by complimenting you, then getting close. I'll put my arm around you and sweetly kiss your neck.Then I would start massaging you while still kissing and perhaps even a little bit of touching. Then we'd take our clothes off and do what ever happens next :)

oh. that would be fun

I'd love to try with you :*

message me. I'd love to get to know you personally

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Tie you to the bed and let strangers gang **** you


I wouldn't really like that.



Ok then I think would be fun to tickle your soles, and then add some honey in your toes and eat them if you taste good, that I think you do bite you and taste all over your body :)

lol love it

Really? So could I do it?

sure why not

Great!!! I will


Double yay!!!!

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I would blindfold you and take you down to a beach and give you a olli sensual back massage! Then a romantic picnic while a string quartet played for us!

I'm in love

Hug you cause I need one

big hugs to you as long as you need


Whatever would give you maximum satisfaction

so sex. lol

If that's what you need then why not

yay me !!! I'm just teasing

I'd have you come over and try to show you a good time

aww thank you

What would you consider a good time darling?

just about anything. I'm easy to please

Anything? Well what are you into?

almost everything lol

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Take you outlaw swing dancing and if you play your cards right you may even get lucky 😝

you'll have to help me I haven't danced in awhile

As long as you like country music and rolling in the hay I think we are good ! Lol

Yeah I'd show you ..its the best partner dancing evar!!!

Tell silly jokes and get you to laugh until you can't breathe then massage your feet till you fell asleep. Cuddle up next to you and pass out till the next day then conquer the world with you all over again.

I love jokes and cuddling

And make love in any position or method of choice for hours on end or quickies if pressed for time.

Ummmmmmm hmmmmmmmm.........

Say hi :)

hi lol



Make love to you, using fingers,lips,tongue,for tasting, nose, for enjoying your scents. Long kisses, cuddling, just being with you

that would be fun

That sounds like fun. My kinda woman

Going out for dinner dancing and walks all that stuff are things u do WITH you - your question says "To" you that's a completely different question that may require more imagination :) lol (^.^)...

do tell

You really want to know?


It might be a little mean....

how's that?

...light matches between your toes when you're not looking? 😳😳😳

I always look down though lol

Hehe! I'll have to wait until you're occupied on the computer!



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Cuddling, hugging, kissing

yes please


Chance to what?

do anything

With you?

yes. well to me

I would start with drinks right after work. Nothing too hard, but just enough to help you relax and unwind. After that, Dinner at a nice small place nothing fancy but very high-quality food. From there, we can take it in any direction. Dancing, Comedy club, movie or a play, whatever would just make it a fun, relaxing, and in the best sense of the word, flirtatious evening. :-)

a walk afterwards that would be wonderful

Walks can be wonderfully intimate. :-)

they can be

Grab you, dance, kiss, swing dance, hug, hold and squeeze you in my hands.

oh I like that. I have t been dancing in forever

I'll lead, you just have to hold on. :)

I promise I will :)

Let's dance now and talk later.


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I would take you out for dinner, drinks and a night of dancing. Then take you home for cuddling, kissing, hugging and whatever else that might happen.

I would love that

take ur millins kisses honey.

that could lead to dangerous things lol