I want to know what you would do to if you had the chance.
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6 Responses Nov 29, 2015

finish my yoghurt,i keep getting interrupted.

I'd like to tie you up and punish you by pleasure you until your just about to ****** and I'd stop just before, I'd do that over and over until you beg me to Finnish you off...

That depends. Where would you be? Barefoot? Sandals?

Make u into a permanent slave and then train you and keep you

The riders have a social statues based on how good the slaves of them are as one of the strongest riders I have to set an example so I'm going around and looking for slaves so annoying they die while we get reborn

I believe a nice spread eagle tie with you gagged and blindfolded would be a delightful situation to test your Bondage parameters and see how much you really like it. Only with someone you trust though

Hogtie you


Thats ok