Tell me. I won't bite, I promise.
Alleyandra Alleyandra
22-25, F
20 Responses Dec 1, 2015 not making any promises myself...

hypnotize you?

I wouldn't mind groping u

I would push you up against the wall and eat your ***** until you *** all over my face

This is if I knew you well enough, that I would sneak up on you and then starting tickling you uncontrollably on your tummy until you can't stop laughing 😂😂

it involves a lot of bondage and multiple *******

Take you to my cabin and play!!

Would make you do my laundry. Besides that. .. they don't make an emoji for what I would really do to you. ;-)

Smack your bottom and put you to bed for being cheeky.


have you clean my kitchen floor...

How nice of you?

No. How nice of YOU... ;)

pleasure u, watch u, try everything with u

ask you to "dare me to walk through fire" been there.

I'd kiss you all over your body. Slowly exploring every inch of you. Stopping at certain spots that make you moan 😉

I'd love to. Add me please. It won't allow me to add you

I would dip my tongue deep into your love tunnel

I'd excite you so much by ..... Message me for more. Send pic

Take you home, tie you up and feed you for an afternoon.

Thank you?

You're welcome.

I would want to talk to you. Just have a meaningful conversation with a pretty girl.

Oh the ideas that come to mind are so numerous

Please share them with me, privately, if you will. ;-)

Tell me.

well if you were wearing a skirt I would sneak up behind you and slowly run my fingers up the crack of your behind to start and see what response I get

Okay, I like where this is going. Continue.

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That's too bad. A little nibble can make things interesting .... ;-)