sounds like fun. let's see what you got.
katie536 katie536
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add me and i will tell you xx

hypnotize you?.......

I would make love to you tenderly and softly, it would be a thing of art, a thing of beauty and hopefully you would love every second of it. ;)

message me and I can tell you ;)

I would wrap my hand around your tiny little throat and force you down on your knees. Then I would slap your face hard and command you to sick my ****. With your hair wrapped around my fist I would force my large hard **** down your throat. I will make you gag and fight for air each time my hard **** making you wait longer and longer for breath. When you got all dizzy and disoriented I will push you down onto your hands and knees............

To trance you into deep amazing unbelievable pleasures, so you would be totally addicted to me and what i can do afterwards, and just wanted even more of it ;)

Wow what's not to do if given the chance :)