please message me we can have a fun little chat ;) :)
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hi im maryann. i just wanted to introduce my self and hope to chat sometime

As I lay in my bed, I begin to dream of you. This was our first meeting you had skipped out of work for a short time and my wife was expecting me back by late morning or early afternoon. We are sitting drinking coffee and your foot is playfully stroking my third leg with h her bare toes beneath the shade of the table. My third leg begins to respond to the attention, stretching and filling with passion. You keep rubbing my rising **** until I can’t stand it any longer. I reach down and adjust my **** so it can enjoy the massaging toes. We hurry up and drain our cups, pay the waitress leaving without waiting for the change over $10. But we are in a rush to make love. This was a first for me, I had never cheated before.
My cheating heart throbs with anticipation, my blood pressure rises as I stumble to my car with you on my arm. I open the car door for you and then go around to the driver’s side and get in the car. You immediately reach over and start unbuckling my belt. Then you unbutton my jeans top button, sliding down the zipper exposing my ****. In anticipation of these events I left off my tidy Whites for once.
You move the console up putting it out of the way and lean over pressing your lips to my **** and slowly run your tongue around its head, Goose pimples break out all over my body. You slowly swallow my little floppy and he gains strength and swells up with passion becoming harder than he has been in decades.
I start up the car and leave the parking lot and head for someplace secluded so we can cons ****’s head, I warn you that it is coming if you don’t give it a rest for a minute. You sit up and take my right hand and spread your legs, guiding my fingers to your ***** so that I could play with you clitoris and press my fingers inside your ***** lips. I stroke y clitoris as I push my fingers in and out of your *****.
I pull out my fingers, licking the ***** juice off, so that I can use both hands to weave through traffic trying to find a quiet parking lot with a secluded spot of shade. All this time you hold onto my **** stroking him gently, keeping him at the edge of a climax. I finally find a god spot and pull in and park. We release out seat belts that have restricted our movements. You turn sideways in your seat spreading your leg so I can bend over the seat to press my lips on your wet ***** lips.
I slowly slip my tongue around your **** and then thrust it into your ***** making sure my tongue rubs your **** as I stroke it in and out. I add my fingers to the process slipping in two fingers in the ***** dragging ***** juice to the butt hole so that I can slip my thumb into your butt while finger ******* and sucking on your ****.
You press my free hand to your exposed **** and I gently massage then gently pinching the nipples. You spasm with a climax and I raise my head up licking you navel, and then sucking each breast before pressing my lips on yours and thrusting my tongue between your lips and tangling with your tongue. My floppy has stayed gorged with passion and I pull out my finger form your ***** and press my floppy into your waiting *****. I stroke you slowly letting us both build up the passion until you again pulse in climax. I think of anything but making love to keep my climax from flowing. But my balls have generated a heavy load and I need to release it. I ask where you want to receive it and you say in your mouth so you can share it with me. I pull out and lean back and you lean over and with a few stokes with your lips I release my load. You drain me while scooping some ***** juice with your fingers. You put your fingers into my mouth and let suck the dry then you put your lips to mine and we mix the juices together and the swallow
We put ourselves back together and I drive back to where we left your car. We lean into one another and have along passionate kiss. We say good bye until next time. As we say goodbye my conscience flares up and I begin to feel guilty about cheating. Then I wake up heart pounding and it all seems so real including the mess in my tidy whites. So I get up and clean myself up and go back to bed. I am glad that we now sleep in separate rooms.