yeah, I'm also curious. What would you do to me?
Sandra300 Sandra300
16-17, F
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I'd Sit down with you and chat to you about being a Strong, empowering, influential female.

cuddle and watch Netflix lol

You're to young please delete

If I had the chance, I would put a collar around your neck, I would place a vibrator deep inside you that was wireless. As we go to the movies, bowling, eat with family, I would turn it on and make you slowly drip down your panties, down your legs. As your body becomes uncontrollable I take you to the bathroom and fill your body up with my *** as your chest is leaning against the bathroom sink.

oh my God I love this

Especially if your mom/dad are watching you, no one knows that you are dripping wet, you look at your Master while you are full of his ***... rub your legs together, make swooshing noises, always obeying your Master's words. Never disobey my little love

oh yes

If only you could truly have this a reality. You would always be happy, every minute of everyday of your life.

yes I would

love you ;)

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based on your name Id guess youre a woman so Id (with consent of course) ravish your body all night long

sweet ;)

your pleasure comes before mine

Hmmm that's really nice of you