This seems interesting. What would you do to me if you had the chance to do anything and everything you wished?
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I would love to taste you

mmmmm sounds enticing


Would you like to talk about it?

i will kiss you and hug u

I'd dress up as Batgirl and dress you up as Supergirl and have a pillow fight so we could finally end the debate over who would win

That would be awesome! I'd enjoy that. :)

:) even if you lost?

I wouldn't care about losing, it would just be fun and interesting.

Wow you seem awesome!

Thank you! I'd probably lose because I'd be laughing so hard though, just enjoying it. So do you!

Awe thanks, I mean have you actually done a pillow fight before?

Nope, that's probably why I'd enjoy it so much. You're very welcome!

Cool it'd be fun to be your 1st opponent :) have you ever dressed up before like as a superhero or other fictional character?

The closest I've gotten is knee high socks with capes, but I would like to cosplay eventually. Dressing up would be awesome, I think though! Yeah :)

Yea that's the spirit!! cosplay and pillow fighting are two of my many favorite things

That's awesome! Um, if you don't mind I can add you so we can continue our conversation? We don't have to if you don't want to though. If I did them I'm sure they'd be my favorite as well. :)

yea that's totally fine with me hun, I'm sure you'd love them if you tried them :) and you would probably be laughing a lot!!

Probably, I'd probably have a laughing fit.

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Take you to my cabin and enjoy you in every way possible! Add me and I'll go into detail

If put a gun to your head and tell you that if you don't follow your dreams, you'll pull the trigger yourself

Hmm, interesting. Have to take the gun away from my head so I can go figure out each dream I have and make a plan to achieve them.

I'll leave you to that then!

Thank you!

Ah, I need some cupboards made, groceries to be bought

So you need someone to run errands for you?

Yeah, pretty pleass

Well, my dad's good at building stuff, and I wouldn't mind helping you by getting groceries for you.

But.... I want you to build them


Cause that's what I wanna do with you since you're giving me the chance

I meant why do you want me to build them specifically, I'm not very good with my hands and I might wind up getting hurt.

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I'd tap that *** for sure!

But there's nothing there to tap?

Let me be the judge of that. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours! 😁

Unfortunately I don't have any butt pics, and I can't take them because they look weird in my camera haha :P

Get my lover back


I read the thing wrong sorry

Oh, it's fine.

Good luck!

Thank you

You're welcome.

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I would like to just cuddle and talk, no sex just enjoying your presence and hold each other be close while getting close, you know?

Yeah, I understand. That would definitely be nice, and cuddling and talking is very enjoyable. :)

I'd lay you down and kiss your stomach
Working my way up towards your neck before I cut it open and sacrifice you to Satan
Then bathe in your blood (and donate some to charity because I'm not an *******)

This definitely has to be one of the more interesting responses I've gotten, but I would like to know why you'd do that unless you're joking.

I always wanted something like a BFF. I would talk with you much and would like to get to know you.
And see if you like me even if I am weird haha 😄😄

We can be weird together. :D I would happy to at least give it a try. :)

Sleep with myself and another woman if that's ok!

You mean have a *********?

It's a dream yes

It's probably not an uncommon dream.

To be honest just watching would be nice

Me and another woman?

Your choice my preference a woman

Well, I have been meaning to experiment so I guess you got lucky.

If you were near I'd love to do it

Msg me?

I can't, it won't let me.

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Give you a whole day of being pamper and treated like the most beautiful women around

Aw, thank you! You're very kind.

I will Keep you like princess and treat you like a ***** in bed :)

Interesting combination, I am curious as to what they both entail.

Its really a fun believe me

I guess I'll have to figure it out.

Hmm you will be much happy :;)

I'll hold judgement until I've experienced it.

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id probably tell you to suck my ****.

I'd have to say you'd be disappointed, but you should get credit for honesty.

Gunge you! Fully clothed in a Gunge tank! What do you look like?

What's gunge? Like a punk mixed with a nerd or just a nerd depending on the day.

What no! It's like slime??

Um, I was describing what I look like. I'm not sure whether or not I should be offended.

Got a photo?

Probably, why?

Why would you slime me?

Send me a pic and I'll tell you.... I love the slime!

It won't let me.

Not even via personal message?

No, it's weird, that hasn't happened before.

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Probably **** you.

Well, you're very blunt and honest. I appreciate your honesty. :)

Well I have no need to say something I don't mean :)

That's true. You have no reason to be dishonest.

Exactly, even though this site is full of fakes.

In all honesty, I'm probably too gullible and naive to tell who's a fake and who's not.

Well the thing is that you want to believe. After being in EP longer time I've become more suspicious. Most fakes are "girls" 18-21 with profile full of dirty perv stories.

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Since I'm angry at everyone right now I would take my anger out on you. I would strap you to a chair and hit you lol

Ow! Punching bags are good for that so are video games and martial arts, and a lot more fun. We could play video games or talk it out, I'd rather help you feel better than just give you temporary relief.

Honestly temporarily relief in the form of any punching bag sounds good right now

To the gym! Or the imaginary place filled with punching bags that you can customize with people's faces if you would like to.

Mmm add me so I can pm you

I tried to message you, but I don't think it worked.

Buy pizza and eat it in front of you because IT'S MINE.

Haha, that's fine. I can't eat pizza so enjoy!

I wouldn't want to be you, then ;-;

Eh, it's just because of my braces.

oooooohhhhhh brace are fab. you're fab, like unicorns and burritos

Oo, burritos! I wonder what a chimichanga tastes like though. Ah, riding off on a unicorn on a rainbow. Aw, thank you! I'd buy my own pizza in any case, haha.

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First thing I would do is take a photo of you and then post it on here. That would put an end to you pretending to be a woman. After that, I can't think of much else.

Go ahead, but you'd only be proving I'm a woman. Sorry for the disappointment.

I'm not disappointed at all. We both know the truth here. We have met before, you and I.

Since I'm positive you have me mistaken for someone else, please share where we're supposed to have met before.

You know! Enough said.

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Sweep you off your feet

Use and abuse degrade and hum humiliate

So you're the dark alley type? Interesting.

I'm the in my dungeon type with all sort of medical and medieval instruments

Do you have a rack? Or an Iron Maiden? Cool, experiments! Acids are fun!

I have a rack with stirrups chains and all sorts of goodies

I'm not sure your rack would work very well with stirrups attached to it.

Oh trust me it does

Well, I have been needing to get my back cracked lately...

Lol while your legs are being stretched as far as they can

Like the splits? I can't do the splits, but I can turn my feet completely around backwards.

Ah that's nothing to what I have in mind

I knew a guy that was into some pretty kinky stuff, it was mildly entertaining.

Mine is a bit more let's say serious

Rape, impregnation, torture, ******, lesbianism, murder, necrophilia, forced ****** while he watched. Any of those on your list?

Oh yes plus much much more

Like what?

Blood play and other things

Haven't heard of blood play, but maybe have done it without the name.

Lol so what have you done

Irl or roleplaying?

Real would you rather pm me

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I got some yard you could do for me.


Yard work*

Interesting, I don't do yards, but my brother does so he'd be happy to help you out.

I would like to romance you LOL

Haha, you're just saying that :P

Oh no I'm not

Maybe just a little bit

Haha, knew it! You wound me :P

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wat i wana do with peeps is to go for eats n we all eat kinda like savages . not overly . but just eating without utensils . including the rice ^_^ n feeding each other .. mmmmmmmm ^_^ x x x :) ^_^

Sounds like a plan to me, it would be hilarious!

peeps r sposed to do this with me here but sumtimes it becomes overorganising or ppl drop out . i want to do a lobster day so we all eat messily with our hands n fingers mmmmmmmm :D :) ^_^

I love lobster! That sucks, I'm sure it would be a lot of fun to do.

^_^ :D . well . so thats the first few stuf wed get up to ! ^_^ .. my minds thinkin . if we cud aford to . then to hav a giant box n trampoline full of bearws n plushies to roll around and jump about in . we cud also do cuddles n kises in ther too ^_^ . maybe moar ^_^ xD teeeeeeheeeeee xD :D ^_^ :) . id wana do that dressed up {or down} asa nawty gwurl tho :D ^_^ :)

I'm liking the sound of this more and more, you seem like a very fun person to hang out with!

I'm more the sweet and innocent type actually haha

im sure i seem sweet n inocent . and mostly am actualy ^_^ but im awso terably nawtyz ! ^_^ :) ^_^ .. {terably! ^_^}

Haha, not me. My old group of friends kept telling me I'd find out when I was older when they'd talk about naughty stuff.

then ul hav lotssssss to adventure ^_^ :) :D ^_^

Haha, yeah! :)

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unfortunately im one of those that take ages . so prolly first start off with havin u sit on my lap unless i sit on ur lap n we hav milkshakes n chat n prolly begin kissing frum there .. if it doesnt happen then i dont know . if it does happen then im gona get very friskehhhhz ^_^ <3 :) ^_^

Oo, milkshakes and chatting sound good. That sounds like a date haha. Do you mean ages relationship wise?

um .. no not relationship wise .. self decision wise . also im very nervy n scaredish n anxiety . but if ur upfront like that too then we ll hit thingz off quite quick n nice n .. quite fun .. if ur willing to do absolute nonsense things with me ^_^ :D ^_^ :) {not all sexual stuf . sum just being silly playful . i dont like harming others n damaging stuf . so it shud include such ^_^}

I'm blunt, but I'm also very shy and can be indecisive at times. Nonsense things sound fun as does silly playful things. I'd have fun with this. :D

yayyyyyyy ! yip ! we prolly wud hav fun ! ^_^ . we hav to karaoke . id get to show off my bonjovi karaoke . {which . wud b weird . iv nevar sung bonjovi dressed up as a gwurl . xD LOLOLOL }

That'd be so much fun! Bon jovi's good. Oh, and guitar hero!

yayyyyyyy ! yes ul hav to guitar . i can guitar irl . but i lurvvvvvvvvvvv doin tha singin ! ^_^

I'm usually the bassist so it works, I can kind of sing in real life, but I don't think I'm that good at it. I can do the guitar too though. :)

guitars fine . also we can dual sing . if i drink enuf i dont even care whose singing anymoar i jus wana sing my fav songs ^_^ lol . i think if we cud do all this . id b as a tgwurl anywayz . coz thats tha direction im moar than seemin to go ^_^

That'd be awesome! I'm not a drinker although I do know when I'm buzzed I get cuddly and sleepy which is probably not a very good combination. That's fine with me, just be who you are. :)

xD :D ! ! mmmmm cuddly nessss ! ^_^ :D :)

Yeah, although sometimes I can be cuddly without the alcohol. It's how I got the nickname kitty actually.

hehehehebe cwute nickname ! ^_^ *mew!*

yea . i wana be moar n do moar n live much moar without *needing* alc . my anxiety is tritzky tho . so .. yeah .. always trying tho :D :) ^_^

I take a homeopathic remedy to help calm mine down.

hmmm . mm . mebe .. i shall hav to find out moar . my anxiety is due to .. important life ppl doin stuf at me .. id guess .. but . maybe .. ^_^

I'm just very shy, but I can also get pretty crazy depending on who I'm with. Go for it, it's good to try things out and see what works for you.

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Love you lots

Make you happy

Aw, you're so sweet!