Okay please be nice but I am a little curious to know....
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I'd somehow make you super smart and able to understand this glitch in my game, well like... just be a coder. Or like learn coding for me for this specific reason because it's such a pain xD

Be your own personal robot?

xD idk if you wanna be, like I'd love if you would make all the textures too, it's super easy but it's like....... it's put this here, press this, put this there, press that, move the thing, repeat. You have to open three images, put them into one, it's fun when it's done though.

I am awkward and I would probably straighten my arm in your direction or tap your shoulder. I wouldn't do anything extreme or weird.

Lol it's okay I'm awkward too :)

It'd depend on who you are and what you'd mean to me.


So what would you mean to me?

I have no idea. That's up to you

If you were a friend I'd talk a lot and play video games with you..If you were my girlfriend I'd devote myself to you making you happy in ever way

Aww that's sweet :)

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Hug you!

Yay!! :D *hugs*