a night out on the town? how will it end
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9 Responses Mar 20, 2016

Hang out in the morning at the house, (neflix,call of duty,TV, mess around with a beat making machine) Then go for a drive on lonely highways where we can go 100+mph
Then to music central where we can mess with the 3,000$ equipment. After that the beach to watch the waves before we leave to go to a 4 hour concert that ends late at night

See how you'd change if your corpus callosum went.

We would go have a drink somewhere and conversate about anything and everything, ending the night with me tucking you in!

Hmm maybe a nice quiet dinner, intimate - get to know you conversation, then a nice show somewhere, if the chemistry is positive then an invite to continue the evening privately, see how we get along without the public entertainment 😊

It could be 😊

I would plan something special that I could afford and I would then take you to my room and cuddle with you! :)

Hip restaurant, rock concert, martinis, then silk scarves and bedposts.

2 + 2 = Fish, 3 + 3 = 8, 7 + 7 = Triangle

Rob a casino or Iran's treasury

you sure you want this in public? lol