Right This Very Moment

If were're talking ASAP kinda what would I do that's so easy... wave that wand and "POOF" a muzzle for the teen!


mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality 36-40, F 10 Responses Aug 27, 2008

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*giggles* I just threaten the boyfriend...

Not only a muzzle for teen mouths but also for between their legs until they are smart enough to use both responsibly.

Its the old saying. "youth is wasted on the young"

teen muzzle is good, I think I would try to just flash freeze them until I'm ready to deal with them.

I would like to be able to wave a wand and appear wherever I want to though.

ROFLMAO! Oh not funny... wait, yes it is!

too bad they don't make them for the phone too....

You are all so funny.... I was going the more introspective way but I realized a teen muzzle is a more realstic thing. My girl is only 8 but I will mark this story for later and maybe I will order one from the Fairy or whoever dispenses magic wands !!...

OOHHHh this could be a real money maker! How about a matching shock colar with that?

While you are waving that thing around, I will take some teen muzzles girlfriend! LOL

I would use the wand to 'poof' myself into MSP's living room and muzzle her teen!LOL Having muzzled a few teens and tweens in my time I'm up for the job!

I would like a soul makeover.