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The extremely long and in-depth new sexual purity test. Not for the faint of heart.

You have earned 335 points out of a possible 780. The test is based on a point scale, where you earn points for different things you've done, and different items carry different weights.

Your experience score is 43 / 100. This indicates a medium amount of overall sexual experience. A higher score indicates more experience. The average for women is currently 45 / 100 - your score is 4% lower than the average.

Your desire score is 60 / 100 (80% romantic desire and 39% sexual desire). This indicates a medium high amount of overall sexual desire. The average for women is currently 61 / 100 - your score is 2% lower than the average.

Your ratio is 0.7x. This is calculated by dividing your experience score by your desire score, and it indicates how much you have acted on your desires, or how experienced you are relative to your level of desire. The average ratio is 0.7x.

ihaveep ihaveep 18-21, F Oct 22, 2009

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