Poplar Tree


It's in the nature of poplar-born, to grow towards the light determinedly. And that as fast as possible. They are practical thinkers and don't rely so much on their intuition. A fast success supports this method . But watch out: plants which shoot up too fast have a soft and and not very strong core. Especially with young poplar-born it might be advisable, to have a moulding and controlling effect on them.



Poplar-tree-born are determined and ambitious.They let themselves be guided by their intellect and want to understand everything. The world is one great challenge for them, which has to be explored. They love the truth, and always want to expose appereance; they go straight to the core of things. Due to their quick-wittedness they gain fast successes.

Poplars have a soft core, which has to be protected. Their own world of feelings is weird to them sometimes, as they are distracted from their initially clearly set aims by their constant mood swings. Poplars have to learn, to accept and get to know their world of feelings. Otherwise they run the risk, not to recognize the subtleties, and to drown in the simple view of the world of EITHER/OR.

As far as their emotional world is concerned, poplars are very distrustful. Everything has to be considered first, as they don't take anything for granted. With their own mental insecurity, they need a strong and reliable partner. Once they found that, they will blossom in unexpected colors and their mental fickleness lies behing them.

Marjoram, Dill, Fern, Mandrake, Valerian, Fennel

Physical Weak spots:
Soul, Skin, Lungs, Respiratory tract, Bronchial tubes

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22-25, F
Mar 3, 2009