LOVE !! Love!! Love!!

LOVE: brings so much joy in to my life with just as much sadness, it makes you feel there's more meaning to life. When you feel your intimate life is marked by poeticism and fancy.  It brings out the romantic dreamer in you; sometime it feels like a real-life fantasy. To me a love relationship can be characterized by unusually heightened levels of ecstasy, sensitivity and creative imagination and inspiration. It stimulate fantasies and yearnings. Take you to places you've never ever gone before; we’ve got this connection, which becomes a path toward another realm of existence. Your mutual admiration and affection for one another becomes a dreamy, romantic, ethereal quality, and quite stimulating and fulfilling for both of you, which makes you forget there's a world out there. You share moments and find yourself in this sensual connection which is quite exhilarating! You trust your partner, and what ever you not comfortable with he respect that. It’s an amazing feeling, like God's written your life with his own hands, will we all not be so grateful for that. Loving someone, good and bad, with their flaws, faults, imperfection, disabilities, what you know, and what you don’t know about that person. What ever happens you don't know why but you love this person. Sometimes you question what the word means but you just know that, that's it. A feeling you never want to be without.

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Thank you, Georgesdad. I agree with sciantel too. You need to have faith to be able to love. The type of faith that only comes from God. <br />
And to have that you are so blessed and you can get through life's obsticles.

Hi Friendlybabe, you sound really in love blissfully so,it sounds like really high octane stuff!<br />
I like your definition,but i alsoagree with sciantels comments,but i would go further, i believe that God is Love and all Love comes from God. I also think that Love is a decision and not just a feeling,we have to consciously decide to Love because sometimes it isnt easy to Love others.<br />
So i hope you and your Lover will always be so blessed as you are now and you will have a life of Love,when we Love dont forget to look beyond yourselves and Love others,the good thing about Love is the more you give it away the more you get. God Bless and keep on Lovingx