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My Little Winkie!

I have always had a small winkie, but recently, it has been getting even smaller. I used to laugh at stories of men using two fingers and a thumb to **********. Now I look down and that's me playing with my little winkie with just two fingers and my thumb. I do believe my little dickie was made to be in panties, as a warning to women. If a woman sees you in panties she knows she's going to find a little winkie to laugh at. It's 1 inch soft and less than 4 inches hard. I think my my little cut dickie is cute, and it feels soo good when I play with it. I wish it wasn't so humiliating to have to stand in front of a lady, with a 1 inch dickie, and see her trying not to laugh out loud. Then if she does touch it, for a few seconds, my little winkie will make a little cummie, and then the real humiliating laughter begins.
sissyrachel48 sissyrachel48 61-65, M 1 Response Apr 28, 2012

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I love your stories

Thank you. I hope to write a few more very soon.

Please do it gets me so very excited