Porsche ,

Personally , I would love to get my hands on a Porsche 911 Turbo S . The engine is in the rear as you would expect . You've got six cylinders your working with. That would be 3.8 l (3,800 cc) of fun . Pushes out 530 HP. It's an all wheel drive car , fantastic love AWD cars. You get the PTM (Porsche Traction Managment System) Which is absolutly genious . Mechanical witchcraft at it's best. :) I could go on & on . I love the ability to get up to speed quickly & keep it . It's got power & it sounds wonderful & it can handle wonderfully . I can turn a corner at quick speeds & not have to wory so much if my tyres on going to stay on the road ., I have mulitple reasons for wanting this car , oh yess.
Ksn95 Ksn95
18-21, F
Jun 19, 2012