I Had It !

It was the first car I bought on my own. I drove it home from Florida with the top down and bare feet.

1970 Mustang Convertible

Candy Apple Red

Black Leather Interior


Every time I hit a bump or turned on the vents...sand would fall on to my feet!

I payed $3400.00 for it in 1987. (My senior year in high school) I drove it for 8 years and it never saw winter. I was hit by a dump truck pulling into my driveway one day. It totaled my dream car! I got exactly what I payed for it when the insurance check came.

Someday...I will have another Mustang!!!

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Oh Emptyheart, I'm cryin' now!!!

OMG! My girlfriend had one of those! I think hers was a bright yellow. She took her driver's test in it...(She was an awful driver!)

Believe me...I did! The front went straight into a tree and the rear was crushed!

It was hit by a dump truck? OMG!!!<br />
<br />
I would have sat down in the driveway and cried..........


I doubt you would need a car to attract girls!!

I had a mustang once, after I graduated from high school I bought a 1983 mustang GT with T-top and all the ground effects that went with it. It was my babe magnet. well it worked and 2 years later I sold it and bought a station wagon. go ahead and laugh,