Aston Martin V8 Vantage Convertible

It's gonna be mine too.  Just a couple more years and I'm having it...

For doing the business I'd go for the Audi A6 or especially the Audi RS6 Saloon.  They're nice and anonymous, fast movers.  Good professional cars.

I have fond memories of a certain Toyota Starlet, but that's for different reasons ;)

Pricey Pricey
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Here in South Africa the roads are in a sorry state, you should see some of the potholes. Someday I'm gonna lose my Toyota Conquest in one.

Cool. Make your own roads...

I'm thinking of buying an excavator to drive around in, that way I can dig myself out of the trouble I usualy get into with the trafic department.

Yes, it's me... *Strutting along with cane in hand, pimp style*

It's probably that guy with the tick on his testicles!!!!! LOL!

Oh yeah, that was a beautiful car...

It just about killed me when 007 wrecked his Aston Martin trying to avoid the heroine in the last bond film... I would have hit her just to save the car!!! <br />
<br />
The vintage Aston was amazing too! You have great taste!

Had to look it up... but it's a fine looking car!

70 Hemi Cuda

Yup! It's so the Brits can be embarrased wherever they are in the world...

Yup, I'm lost.

Yeah, I recon.

I bet the EP car park is like a super car convention, what with all the money you guys are raking in! :P <br />
<br />
Okay, maybe<br />
<br />
Come on everyone, follow me... *twirling tail like the foxy bingo ad..*

In my parent's downtown area, there is a car dealer that has the Austin Martins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis ect. When I go down to visit them, sometimes we'll get coffee and walk down to "pick out" our dream cars. My mum likes the Austin Martins too, but I want the sleek black corporate tycoon Ferrari. Cars may not measure success, but they help you look the part ;-P I don't think I could be convinced to give up my 30 mpg car though!

Or clamping...

If I had a Sherman I wouldn't ever have problems with parking. hiehiehie

You need a tank for Quicksave...

Or a Porche 911 GT3 would do nicely too.

Lmao @ foxy boxing! It's better than foxy bingo!

Who?... What?... Me?...

Audi R8, silver one. Pricey yoiu leave the ball alone, you hear?

Yeh, and keep the simple Bmw for tescos lol.

I would be willing to work with you... I could give... Samantha (what exactly do you call those things??) the night off! <br />
<br />
I'm warning you though, it gets pretty freaky up in here...

Mercedes 3000 Gullwing

Just a runaround for sunstone then... lol

Not much then sunny.

Lol I commented before pricey made his lol. Obviously not for the beach...well unless you want to take her out in public lol.

I was referring to Sleepless, but my other inflatable seems to have become involved... lmao

Inflatables for the beach???

Well, I've gotta keep her somewhere!

I'll keep the Aston I think...

No, but there sooo cute.

Not much room for inflatables though...

Good old mini's! I like the old ones better.

I love mini coopers.