Move It Or Lose It


I'm thinkin' lustful thoughts about a '70 Challenger with the 426.

Better move yer *** outta my way if I ever wind up out on the road with a Hemi under the hood!

thedimmestbulb thedimmestbulb
4 Responses Aug 10, 2008

In 1970 the fastest quarter mile stock factory detroit iron was the 70 buick skylark GS 455 ci stage 4 with 400 turbo trans, This waas the findings of car and driver magazing in 1970..

My favorite is a 1962 corvette, fuel injected 327 with 375 hp , with muntcie m22 4 speed, This car has made my mouth water ever since they came out..

I can't find anything related to the Challenger before 1970.<br><br />
Now if we're gonna step back into the late '60's, then perhaps I better go ahead with that sweet '69 Camaro. I'll take one with a 396 that I can throw some forged pistons and a slightly-too-radical cam in. I don't want it to even idle properly at the red light ;)<br><br />

the 70 is a great year but I like the 68 just a little more....