Go! Celica! Go!

I always loved the Toyota Celica as well as its powerful counterpart, the Supra. Put both names together and they literally translate to "above the heavens" in Latin. I like all the generations but the first gen in my opinion was the best looking.The liftback which is the body style I want looked so rugged why hell, some people called it a "Japanese Mustang". I want to find one and restore one so badly that I can't stop dreaming about it, I believe that doing so would be the ultimate test of my automotive knowledge. For the time being, I can cope with a front drive one and who knows might I might luck out and find the "Ultimate Celica", the GT-Four or All-Trac  but I'm keeping my eye on the prize.I personally think that if Toyota can bring back the 86 to an extent, they should build a new Celica as well as the much rumoured Supra.

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1 Response Jul 12, 2013

Had a Celica they were great cars,road holding was good,acceleration not bad but put against Ford Capri they were miles ahead