The 69 Camero

The 69 Camero Z28 would be my dream car.



The 1970 is a good year as well. Probaby more affordable...


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That is a great car as well.

my dream car is a 69 mustang metalic blue

That would be nice.

That's amazing. I wonder what life was like back then.

My dad had the cutest 2-horse buggy you have ever seen. Of course, he was born in 1897. They didn't have too many cars on the road. I understand that they did have a 1 cylinder caddy about 1905.

Oh man... tell me. That 69 is worth a lot of money. The 70, not quite as much....

Cool! My old man had a 64 impala ss convertable. I remember that car well. I was too young to appreciate it though.....