My dream car is less than 5 years old has all the original body parts and its big! The liberals can have all the rinky dink toy electric cars i want something big, a gas hog something that i can pull my boat with when i get one, something i can fit all of my camping gear in when i want to go on a trip (i don't need much tent, sleeping bag, cooler and camp stove and cooking pans and utensils maybe a 5 gallon jug of fresh water depending on where i'm going) you can't even fit that much in a prius! I want either a ****** or a land rover but i would settle for a full size pickup truck.

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
46-50, M
3 Responses Mar 1, 2009

641/2 mustang here buddy! Come on now Ricky poo i know you secretly want a smart car :)

i love the old t-birds and corvettes

I love Audi's and Austin Martins. Teases my posh side. However - REALISTICALLY - I just bought the most affordable dream car of mine - a Hyandai Excel :P but it's got a body kit and sports exhaust rah-rah. So I own my most affordable dream car :)