Better Than Sex(yes I Said It)

 Words almost don't do my dream car justice. It's insanely expensive but OH MY GOD, trust me when I tell you that being behind the wheel of this wild thang will make you reconsider everything you believe it. You could be in the middle of the world's worst divorce and if you are driving this? You'll be grinning like a jack 'o' lantern to and from the courthouse. So without further ado - let me introduce you to my dream car: the Pagani Zonda Roadster


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8 Responses Jun 26, 2009

v ery nice car but i think i would take that little lotus with the 1.9 motor that will do 180 mph<br />
<br />
that looks almost like you are riding in a go kart with the clear sides on the car so you cae see out

Heheheheh! ...... I think I stepped in something....

ROFL! It barely has a hood! How do you lean on that?... I'd slide my *** off onto the ground! LOL <br />
I'm sorry but that car would kill me... It's a gorgeous car, but I'd die!

It has a bumper?

Does for me.... but ... umm let's not go there....*looks around* never know who's listening...

LOL blue is my favorite color, but my favorite car is a 1965 mustang. Love those cars.... I always wanted a powder blue one with a darker blue interior....*sigh*

Well not when your leg is cramping..... heheeh

I'd get a leg cramp..... I'm too damn long legged for that car....but it's pretty....