I want to say about my favourite cars I have come to own at any point in my life up to now, not your dream cars, (but those you've personally owned ) ? Chevy SS impala 1991 model (engine same as corvette), Trans Am t tops (1986 at close to full speed cruises as almost flying 190m), Volvo S60(elegant sedan powerful to take on Bmw 3 series & Mercedes 2 series), Toyota Camry (wow for engine + user driver's friendly), SUV Dodge feel like driving a truch but automatic controls of a car(amazing experiences by far with elevated seat), Honda Accord 2004 just powerful, thats my list, and dream cars are for children not big men / women real cars you own are what makes your aspirations he he visit outcast-all.com :)
serious2468 serious2468
22-25, M
Mar 13, 2016