I Feel Connected With All Of The Elements.

I really feel connection with every single one of the elements, but well, I did an online quiz and this was my result:

Certificate: Test results
What's Your Element?
For 47 % you are: You connect with the element water. You are knowledgeable and insightful, and many seek your good advice. You tend to move with a subtle grace that gives you an elegant air. Your emotions sometimes get the better of you, and you can easily go from sadness to anger to elation. A good way to channel these emotions is through music, which your element is connected to.

You could also get this result:
For 20 % you are: The element you match up with is ice. You are solitary and quiet, and would probably rather be in your room reading a book than with a large group. Justice is important to you, and you won’t hesitate to stand up for others. Though quiet, you are strong and determined, and you never give up. Your unique personality is admired by those around you.

Or even this one:
For 13 % you are: Your element is free-spirited air. You are an optimist, and you tend to look at the bright side of things. Because of this, you have many friends who are attracted to your outgoing personality. You also value self-expression, and would probably enjoy writing or art, maybe both. You hate to be tied down with obligations, so you try to keep your life fairly simplified. You love to have fun, and you brighten everyone’s day with your smile.

Or even this one:
For 13 % you are: Your element is earth. You are peace-loving and gentle, and thoughtful. Sometimes you prefer the company of animals to people, so if you don’t already have a pet, you would probably do well with one. You appreciate nature for what it is, and have a respect for life in all its forms. You dislike arguments, so you do your best to try and please others.

Or even this one:
For 7 % you are: Your matching element is fire. You are warm and passionate, and deeply care for those close to you. You are the kind of person who will work at a friendship to keep it going, especially over long distances. Your temper can be a problem, but you don’t usually stay angry for long. Yours is also the element most in tune to romance…

Sagata Sagata
18-21, F
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Looks like a cool quiz. Do you have the link for it? :3

Let me check my internet history... It should be there.


you're welcome ^^

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