Spots, Spots, And More Spots

Fifteen years ago my spouse came home from work and found this big spotted dog had laid claim to our house. He barked at her all the way up the driveway. Three days later, in a driving rainstorm, he was still laying quietly on the back porch right outside our door. It was January, and cold. I couldn't take it anymore and opened the door. He bolted inside and that was that. His house. We took the usual steps to find the owner, but never could. We took him to the vet- heartworms, The vet said it was common for people to dump sick pets in a rural setting like mine. Well it took two expensive treatment to get this gorgeous Dalmatian back on his feet, and we had to fence in nearly an acre. But for fourteen years he was the most beautiful. bravest, strongest, gentlest, most loyal pet he could be. He became more than a pet, he became a mamber of the family. Doing the right thing by him in the last stage of his life was the hardest thing we had ever done. People used to laugh when they heard his name, Lucky, because of the movies. We hadn't yet seen the movies when we named him. He truely was Lucky for knowing just what house to guard that cold January day in 1996. I currently have two other rescued Dalmatians. They are as gentle a breed as any there are, when given a calm and loving home. They have kept me alive as I grieve over the death of my spouse. There will always be spots in this house.
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we tried the recuse grops and some did not even return emails of phone calls but we did ger a breeder return of a 2.5 years old DDR gs<br />
and for whati want to do in a few years when i retiers he works in great as a search and rescue dog

well there is an alternative. I have an ex-racing greyhound jet black with white spots so an upside down dalmatian. A longlegged graceful hound with the sweetest temperament you could ask for. I have another black greyhound and one brindel as well as a blue and white whippet maybe a new breed with fewer requirements than the average labrador is the one for you. There are masses of unwanted greyhounds most of them no more than three years of age no genetic defects such as hd and other well know issues. I am deeply sorry for you loss just thought I would bring you a bit of cheer from the world of greyhounds.

Ricki, I am sorry for your loss. I feel for the pain you are feeling. You soung like a dog lover that any lonesome dog would love to be with. I understand that you may not want to take on a new little friend, but I know a lot of Dals at the various Dalmation Rescue websites would love to have you take a peek at them. There may be a spotted dog who is awaiting it's destininy when you look at their picture. Please give a Dal a chance, please consider adopting a lost soul. Rescues can be work, but it is so worth it. To both you and the dog.

up till a few weeks ago i would have to said the dog i prefered most was a dlamatian as that was the only dog i have had for over 30 years now<br />
but when my last of 3 dogs did the may 30 th weekend of old age i swore off dogs<br />
<br />
but with in a few weeks there was a big open spot in my heart and my home so i went back trying to find a new dal, but the more i looked the more scary it became in just the changes in the dogs over the last 15 years