Advice on Dogs ( to much to handle)

I made polls on dogs and other animals. I just wanted to tell you guys that some dogs can be to hard to take care of, to strong and a lot more.Please don't take any of this in a mean way. Scroll down to see each dog's personality.♥
____________________________________________________________ •German Sheperd- They are cute pups with their beautiful eyes. Your little pup can be so nice to you and become your new best friend! Some of these dogs can turn on you. They can hurt you badly. One guy has a huge dent in his leg from his German Sheperd bitting him. One other guy got bites on him and defended himself. •Pit Bull- A cute fuzzy dog is cool to have. This dog is a little tough to handle. He wants to go where ever he wants. Hold on to that leash tight. This dog could also possibly turn on you too. Well, that's only something I heard from people, so I don't know. •Dalmation- This dog is big,skinny, and fun! This dog can be a little mean and bite a lot. Well, only some.Your lucky if your pup doesn't bite! Just don't rough around with him. •Great Dane- The state of PA's most special dog! He is HUGE! Don't get one unless your willing to deal with the leash. Your pup might be to strong for you. He might be hard to give a bath to too. ___________________________________________________________ Well enjoy! I hope you made wise choices for your pup or the one you're gonna get! Thanks! Bye!
BiGreenTractor BiGreenTractor
13-15, F
Mar 5, 2010