My Little Poodle Named Peanut /aka Pee Wee.

  I had a crazyneighbor who used to wake up screaming at someone and go to bed yelling at her animals or kids 24/7.One day i seen her little poodle 3 blocks from her house so i tried to catch him but he was just too fast.I went and told her i had seen [baby] that's her name for peanut] and she said he had run away' and i know why as everyday he would be under her bed shaking from all the mama's drama's  and fighting.I finally did get him and took him home and promised him i would find him a good safe home and i did.He was peanut and she had taken him from another who had broken peanuts 2 fromn legs so they healed badly as he had no medical care so he hoobled but it was all good.When i went back alone to her house she had another dog which she bought in 6 hours after pee nut had gone' so she said keep em if ya find em' and i did.He was the best dog and he would pray i swear to God when i said praypeanut and he would go and lick the baby kittens that were just born as he was an angel from heaven.we were the best of buds and walked and played daiy as he was my heart and i was his.Well 3 yrs later he got sick and the vet took tests and my angel peewee had congestive heart failure' no cure for this one.We ate ice cream together' and chicken breasts and 3 months later he was having seizures and yelping all during the night.,I took the best ofcare for my boy and bought the bestdrugs i could' and even got him a pain cocktail with methodone fior pain...One day he was so sick and could not move so i drove to the vets and he said it was time to let my son/dog peanut go so i held him while he did the 2 shots and i bit my toungue so hard bloody' as i did noy want to sob and scream and freak him out' so i help my bloody tongue and mouth quite' and peanut went into a deep sleep and in minutes i felt his body go limp' and feel the spiret arise' going to the rainbow bridge' to wait for Ma Ma [Me ]..We will be together one day' my mom my daughter and my peanut a family once again..I am now sobbing so hard ..oh peanut why do these things' have to happen Always.!!!!!!!!!!!

ladonnasangel ladonnasangel
36-40, F
Mar 8, 2010