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This is a really tough one, I love ALL flowers. Mostly I love wild flowers, like bluebells and snowdrops because they remind e of my childhood when I would go picking them. I also love daffodils because they are the flower most associated with Wales, and roses because they were my nans I love lilies but hate the pollen because it gets everywhere and stains like mad!!! If I really have to choose just one then I guess it would be daisy's, they remind me of how I would spend hours sitting in the park making daisy chains for my nan!

AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 4 Responses Jan 28, 2008

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Cool, thanks Blue :)

I like the surprise daisy. The leaves come up and then die back. Then the stem comes up and a huge daisy buds on the end. I'll post pictures when they bloom.

I haven't heard of a shasta daisy, I'll have to look it up

It is also hard for me to pick a favourite flower but if I had to make a choice <br />
I might also go with daisies preferably Shasta daisies. <br />
Around here daisy seem to take care of them self’s so I don’t have a lot of maintenance they also keep growing all summer so there is always a few flowers in bloom. Cheers!