To All Beloved Near And Far

by Kahil Gibran

Tell me, O people, tell me!
Who among you would not wake from the sleep of life
if love were to brush your spirit with its fingertips?

Who among you would not forsake your father and your mother
and your home if the girl whom your heart loved were to call to him?

Who among you would not cross the seas, traverse deserts,
go over mountains and valleys to reach the woman whom his spirit has chosen?

What youth would not follow his heart to the ends of the earth
to breathe the sweetness of his lover's breath, feel the soft touch of her hands,
delight in the melody of her voice?

What man would not immolate his soul
that its smoke might rise to a god who would hear his plea
and answer his prayer?

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4 Responses Jan 18, 2011

ahh MM .. I do appreciate men ... but I think this poet appreciates them a bit more no?*giggles* Yes super dee dupper dee !!<br />
<br />
Thank you onlygod .. I am glad you appreciate it !=-P

Good selection. Thanks for sharing :)

Oh yes darling..Atlast you understood men!! U know what? This is the first post where you appreciate men !! Superduper!

Yes Fease ... I love love love this poem .. when I read this I always feel as if the poet was pleading .. it really does choke me up .. thanks for your comment Fease =-D