For What It's Worth....

Stone Roses  -  will always be the top of any list like this

Incubus  -  yes, I have had a crush on Brandon Boyd for nine years, but their music was so much better all those 9 years ago too

Greenday - before they went American Idiot

Soulwax - too many dj's I think not!

Justice  - everyone needs a little electro-funky-cheese

Jamiroqui - too many memories of good times at school house parties to not put this one down

No Doubt - we love a bit of Gwen Stefani

Shed Seven - my best friend loved them, so I ended up loving them too

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Oh, Brandon Boyd. *Sigh* He's a little too skinny, but holy hell, he's pretty damn hot!!