My Heart

Do you know that its a huge world out there. My heart seems so very teeny. There are so many peoples w/so many woes. And I feel so very inadequit(sp). My problems are nothing compared to others and yet they seem soo NOW.
My heart feels so much pain for others.
What is happenning in the South W/ all the storms, that just tears me up.
Before I got stuck in the wheelchair I would go to some of the places and help.
And now all I can do is sit and watch.
My Heart literally hurts when I watch my fellow peoples hurt.
Most of us are really good folks-I believe that w/all my HEART.
My name is Maggie
take care.
ladymaggs ladymaggs
56-60, F
3 Responses May 26, 2011

I so appreciate the words and message you have given me. I too do not cry-no point-but this time I had to force myself not to. I very much want to think about your message and do a 24 hour brain digest.<br />
I seriously believe that when a new idea enters your brain you shold sleep with it.<br />

Hi Maggie. I read your post and some of your recent stories-Thank you. I was touched to read your story about your compassion and pain for those in the terrible storms. The ones that did survive such a devestating loss. My heart aches for them as well..I have been searching for over two years to find a place to share my life. The challenges of day to day to life. I went to a graduation party last night with my boyfriend who has Beckers MD and I came home feeling sad, down. He has been in a wheelchair for about three yr's. now and it has been difficult transitioning. He is a wonderful and he has this overwhelming positive attitude on life usually-even though he has had this disease all his life. Last night though, he came home from this party and he had tears in his eyes. He does not cry. He said that he was sad because no one really even acknowledged him. He believes people often feel guilty for not being in a wheelchair (healthy) so they avoid you. SO, I got on my computer and typed in "I'm in a wheelchair <br />
and .." Experience Project came up and your stories-and others. Your words touched me and comforted me. I am Sorry for your unfortunate accident. My heart goes out to you. Just know that your stories and words are a blessing. I am grateful to have found a site finally. Keep writing...others are out here listening. Thank you.

No. My sorrow is not for the dead. Its for the survivers, those are the people in pain. Hopefully the Dead ARE and there is no pain. Oh please Mother,let that be true.