If I Could Go Back And Do It Again.

If given the choice to go back and try again I would probably have a way better and more success life than I do now..
Coming from a messed up home, hard time at school, dropped out of college, no career , hardly any friends , living in a house which is legally not suitable for people to live in safely ... Little hope.

The very little things I have mean so much to me .
The very few friends I have are so beautiful.
The man who loves me , gives me hope that we will have a most wonderful future.
I'm working so hard to better myself..
The little I have is so precious, I feel guilty in knowing that wishful thinking and feelings of regret on the past would have lead to a life without all what I have now.

So thankful on what I have
DoeEye DoeEye
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 27, 2012

If only I could go back and try again, I would without hesitation I would go with the hopes that knowing what I know now I wouldn't make all the mistakes I've made. I wouldn't do the things I've done or have had to see the things I've seen. I probably could have change the messed up home I lived in by being a better son, I would change everything about me and turn me into someone worth being. If only it were that easy.... Then again I might not know what I know now if it weren't for all my mistakes. So maybe it wouldn't be better..