You Said I Was Your 'first'

you were a man responding to my ad, who wrote me a long letter about how you were a happily married man with a lovely wife and two lovely daughters, that you had all the traits of a 'man's man' (your words), that the idea of homosexuality was something that never crossed your mind - til, oh, maybe a year or so ago. And that now, after wondering what it would be like, you thought I could introduce you to your once-in-a-lifetime experience with another man. Again - your words.

We chatted in my apartment, and you were so nervous. We had a drink - i remember making some inane joke about 'a stiff one,' and your nervous laughter.

I remember taking you into my bedroom and helping you out of your shirt and jeans, and letting you untie the knot in my kimono/robe.

But what I most remember was how you started kissing. Slowly, exploring, tasting. There was nothing in those kisses that suggested you were doing this 'to get to the real thing' -- which is so so SO often the case with men. You asked that I kiss your nipples, and from your reactions, it was as though you'd been waiting a lifetime to feel those sensations. And so went a long long afternoon. You were reacting with the slow, intense sensuality and passion of a woman.

since that wonderful afternoon, you have 'come out,' but I've always thought of you in that silly notion that gays used to be described as 'women in men's bodies.' I have never seen your kind of sensuality in a man - even remotely.

You can describe yourself in any way you see fit, and I know you regard yourself, after a very difficult coming out, as a gay man -- I will always think of your gender as being, unquestionably, female.
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Very cool. good of You to be so kind to him. <br />