My Inner Gender Is Female

You're sensitive, caring, and willing to connect with anyone who's open to you.
You make friends easily, and you enjoy all sorts of conversations.
You understand most people you meet - better than they understand themselves.
You're totally a woman... or at the very least, your soul is female.

Its nice to know somethings are certainly on track

Micayla Micayla
61-65, F
5 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Is there a quiz somewhere underlying this group? Please excuse me.. I'm new here

I know I've had a new lease on Life since I wrote the majority of my experiences. I'm content with who I am and have a circle of friends that are just as close if not closer than family.<br />
Thank you for your offer for someone to chat with, write to me via the mail we can connect

Be what your heart is and be honest with yourself then you be the real you and can build from there real friends who accept you for who you are or what sex you want to live as .lol drop me a line if want a friend to chat with xx

There are never old stories just new eyes and ears. This story will forever be told as each generation grows up

i hate to comment on old story s but i do anyway but this one is something i can really relate to i feel that i am both it s hard to put into words why i feel that i am both it s just how i feel