Forgive And Forget

my spelling is bad my grammar is bad but this is how i write so im sorry to irratate some of yall

to forgive is to know we are all human, to understand and let go, to forget is to give another chance, to let go the past and look forward to the future, i know from anything i can not let go of the past, i can not always look to the future but everyday im learning every way i try to be everything i want to be, but if i could share anything with anyone it is to forgive and forget because life is shorting than we all expect, we have no control over everything, only ourselves and look at the news, how many thousands of innocence is taken a day? recent shootings in other states or even rape, murder, or just a car accident that people cant let go, i know things are bad and they will get worse and sometimes always reminded everyday, but to forgive and forget is to know that things will get better, to know that u can live knowing u did everything you could to cope with all the bad, dont hate, dont remorse only think and look towards the future cause you never know which day is your last, no one is right, no one is wrong its all a matter of time, a matter of time that we have borrowed for our selves to make the best of, but it doesnt mean we all will, or mean that we all could. just make for what is here not was.
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Thought provoking subject! It made me think firstly that I hope I will die in my sleep so there won't be any famous last words, but then that made me realize how important that makes ALL my last words such as when I part with someone, leave work or talk on the phone - they could be my last words. So I will now make sure they are not the sort of words I would want to go down in history as my last. So as often as possible they'll be "luv ya"