A Letter To God...

Dear LORD... um, Your Majesty... um, Master?

Firstly, I want to thank you for a list of things:

The incredible splendor of all that exists; this machina et deus we call "the universe", which You have given to provide for and contain us; people (even though, at times, I can't stand them); animals; angels; and even Satan (he may cause a lot of trouble, but he's given me something to be against). I want to thank You for life; a mother who loved me, in spite of her madness; my brother; my family, dysfunctional though they be; the people I've met (yes, even those who hated me); the wealth of experiences You've brought into my life; the innumerable times You've rescued not just me, but my family and friends as well; Heaven; Hell (to contain people who would try to wreck it for the innocent); and Your ultimate Sacrifice, for my sake. I can't thank You enough, for being there for me, keeping me on the right path, and saving me in the first place.

Now, a list of questions:

Why? Why didn't You allow creation to be made perfect, like You, so they couldn't sin? Why do You let people suffer, without coming to their aide... in record numbers? Why do You allow fascist dictators, biological warfare, poverty, meiserliness, crime, corruption, violation, propaganda, genocide, illness (physical, and mental), and obssession over the most minor flaws of human personality, when there are all those other, more important issues to tackle? Why did You allow me to be born into a dysfunctional family of wolves, constantly backbiting and vying for their places as Alpha Male/Female? Why did You allow me to be born weirdly, setting a trend for the rest of my life? Why did You allow my mother to beat us, berate us, and nearly kill my little brother several times over? Why didn't You heal my mother's mind? Why did You allow us to go to a place, where a pedophilic monster and his lazy, abusive girlfriend could do horrible things to us, half of which we can't remember too clearly? Why did You allow so many people to manipulate and harm my mother so badly? Why did You allow my brother to be cursed with all these illnesses, keeping my dad at home with us, instead of being able to work? Why did You send us all over the country; leaving old friends, and finding it increasingly harder to make new ones... let-alone relationships that went beyond making out or pet names? Why did You allow my family and I to live on the streets? Why did You give my dad an excuse to go to Vietnam during the war, and be scarred even worse, for the rest of his life? Why couldn't I escape the hazing and bullying I endured in Nebraska; let-alone the courtroom drama, the idiot quacks trying to head-shrink me, and the abuse of power by the local government? Why did You allow me to lose my mind, and lose Petra Mazankova (-Lanius), before I even had a chance with Her? Why did You allow us to suffer from the apathy and prideful elitism of the people in all those cities, where we suffered as a result of being homeless? Whyy did You allow me to get life-threatening MRSA infections? Why did You allow me to have the promise of doing Your will, and then force me to move with my family, over and over again? Why won't You allow me to see Her again, talk to Her again, at least be friends with Her again? Why do You delay Your coming?

I'm sorry for all the sins I've ever committed (other people are probably reading this, so I won't mention them here; I think I've already done enough damage to my work for You, as it is, with my rants... not to mention it would embarass me, too). I will try to be better, and do better. Please, don't give up on me; I won't give You up, ever, no matter what!

You know my typical prayers. I pray You answer them, if it be Your Will.

I'm sorry I complained so much, but it does feel good to get all that off my chest. The quantity of my gratitude may not be impressive, but I assure You that I am far more grateful than I am ungrateful.

Thanks for listening; Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Ghost.

Your adopted child, and humble servant,

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1 Response Feb 28, 2011

I think I've got an answer to some of those questions you have in your letter. You might not agree with me on this, but I think the god you are writing a letter to is a tyrant who does not love or even care about any of his creations. He wanted worshipers so he made humans and angels and when they decided not to worship for whatever reason, he punished them severely and made all other people suffer. So in my opinion he would have to be the evil one and I believe that whoever wrote the stories didn't even show Satan's side. Even though I don't believe in Satan, I would have to say that he was one of those angels who discovered how much of a tyrant God really was, then confronted him, and God got pissed so he kicked him out of Heaven as well as all of the other angels that agreed. If I was going to write a letter to your god, it would not be pleasant.<br />
<br />
Now, as for the part where you thanked God for stuff, I would have to say the good stuff in life would have been what he used to make himself look good. I mean, if you want worshipers, you need to look good and then destroy those who see past the good stuff. I also believe that if there had been a Jesus, he would have been nothing more than God's puppet, a man with implanted false knowledge and god-like abilities, used to make people believe that the sadistic king in Heaven really did love them.

You're certainly entitled to your own belief on the subject, and I thank you for your respectful tone about it. While there is much we don't know about God, or even existence and all that exists, I propose that a God who loved His creations enough to let them experience free will would choose to restrict His interaction. I can see how you'd believe what you've proposed, given the suffering that abounds. However, if God was as evil as you propose, would there be any relief? Would He have even given us free will, in the first place? And, as to Jesus... I assume - and, correct me if I'm wrong, - that you agree with at least most of what He taught. With that in mind, why would an evil God use someone who preached such a good message? Perhaps, we'll never truly know, until after our deaths... however, for the sake of a teleologically consistent universe, I'm inclined to believe in the best possible outcome: that God is good, the Devil instigates evil, and God only is restrained by the fact that He gave us all free will, equality, and individuality.

Thanks for the comment, and best to you.

He would use someone like Jesus to make himself look good. All that he wants is worshipers, so that sounds like a good way to do it.