My Name Is...

What Jamie Means:


** Jamie **

J is for Joyous


A is for Adventurous


M is for Misunderstood


I is for Industrious


E is for Ebullient




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6 Responses Feb 19, 2009

OMG!! LOL!! You mean yours is "Made Up!!" LOLOLOL

lol. mines MADE up.

Those are both pretty, Dracena and Amz...but what is with the name Mad Up?? LOL!! Actually, I have a card that says a little verse about what Jamie means, and the first thing it has for the definition of my name is: <br />
The Supplanter. <br />
It is from the Spanish root of James, and the feminine form of James. This is what it says:<br />
A crusader for peace or any good cause; has a dynamic outlook on life; a girl who has a universal outlook; takes time to love children; is a woman who can be counted upon; has the courage and intelligence to explore the unknown; her thoughts and actions are important; her life is a time of endless activity. <br />
<br />
I think that one describes me much better, don't you??

My name is amy, and it means beloved :)

Pamela = Greek for all honey

my name is mad doesn't mean anything :(