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These people possess the qualities of independence, self-expression and a carefree attitude towards life. Their desire is to be free from monotony and any kind of work that is tedious and routine. Being independent they have a great need to work and function without the interference of others. They are playful, spontaneous, and want to see and make people happy. They need to sing and dance their way through life.

Even though this is a fairly emotional and inspirational quality they will find difficulty in drawing from deep within themselves. This lack of depth will curtail their musical and artistic expression to some degree. While true artists abandon themselves in an outward display of emotional and artistic expression, these people will always fall short of being able to completely let go. Consequently, they will feel frustrated and a bit wooden when called upon to draw from the depths of their feelings. Even in conversation they grasp for words to explain themselves and their deeper thoughts but it is usually in vain; because of this limitation they soon learn to take life less seriously than others.

In discussion they tend to measure others' ideas a little too much from a "self" standard, and therefore find that a friendly debate can quickly turn into an argument. They do not make good listeners. The urge for self-expression overcomes the need to be silent and to intuit or feel the other person's needs and feelings. They could be accused of being stubborn and resistant to the ideas of others.

Their strong "self" orientation should be expressed as a form of self-projection or creativity where their actions are not answerable to others. They must have an environment where freedom allows their personal creativity to open them up to originality of thought.

If their birth date indicates a natural sociability and a need for deeper contact with others, they will always be found wanting because it is difficult for them to grasp the abstract and philosophical ideas of the intellectual and theoretical mind. However, they are loyal, cheerful and helpful types in any company that does not challenge their sense of freedom or provoke argument.

Organization and detail are not their strong points and they must learn to finish the things they start. While they have an ear for music and dance they must learn discipline or they will never perfect anything. If they do not pursue an artistic outlet, then life can become drudgery and the negative side of their character will express itself through intolerance and criticism of others.

They like nothing better than to see others happy. They are very emotional beings. They are extremely loyal and honest. Their love and generosity keep them vibrant, however they often feel alienated.

Their weakness lies in the senses of the head, in the skin, and the extremities (hands and feet).
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18-21, F
Feb 20, 2009