SOUL URGE... Peace and harmony is your desire. You are a natural mediator as you are genuine, tactful and adaptable. You tend to put your own will aside for others and it is difficult for you to make decisions. This may cause others to see you as shy, or lacking confidence. Your sensitivity and gentleness can be a great healing force bringing harmony and support to others. PERSONALITY... People seem to be drawn to you for absolution. You emanate forgiveness, compassion and understanding. Your charming and generous personality brings you love and good luck in abundance. Many people will be attracted to you because of your idealistic and romantic nature. Others will be transformed by your example. You express yourself in the way you dress, and it can range from dramatically bold to mystically romantic to "struggling artist".
EXPESSION... As a peacemaker and mediator, you bring harmony and intuitive insight to all you come in contact with. You have an inborn ability to understand all sides of a situation, and you have the tact and gentleness to express it in a way that it will be received. This talent is the magical ingredient for "Peace on Earth".
You are endowed with a high vibrational energy that may be expressed through inspirational, teaching, preaching, acting, art or invention. You have access to prophetic wisdom and your positive attitude is a transformational force in other people's lives. Fame and notoriety is very likely at some point in your life, as your kind of energy gets noticed! Much will be required of you in life when you have a master number vibration, because much will be given.

prism9 prism9
61-65, F
2 Responses May 20, 2012

You also have the magical ingredient for peace on earth. Awesome. Well met.:-)<br />
May I ask why the number 9 ? <br />
9 is my favourite number for many reasons. .

I originally was drawn to the number 3 when I was a young adult for many reasons. The triad, Mind, Body, Spirit, the triple faces of Danu, the 3 Sacred Fires, among them. I than went further and knowing that 3 squared (3x3) is 9, I became attached to it and I came to realize that it resonated with me much better. Sort of like, first a part of the picture, than the whole picture...

That is very interesting. I like 9 for very much the same reason. It also started when I was rather young, in my preteens. I liked putting things groups of 3. I also have some more reasons but I would have to write an essay in order to explain.
I like 3, 6 and 9 but 9 always seems to be the final destination for me. 9 feels like home for me.:-)

I understand that completly.

Yes, it is. Thank you and Best Wishes to you too