King of Kings

Bow down fools!

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I'm not a party person.

Here For the Party! ~Pink

That's nothing compared to today's stuff man.

"Ride of the VALKYRIES"is dark. They fly down to a battle field and raise the worthy souls of warriors for transportation of the fallen heroes to Valhalla In Norse mythology, Valhalla (from Old Norse Valhöll "hall of the slain.) <br />
Great stuff. Nazi high command loved this stuff. Powerful music.

I can't listen to music like that. Not that is bad, or that i only like metal, but i don't like bright sounding stuff. I like the darker stuff with minor chords and scales being played.

Thanks LOL old age has slowed me down a bit...I think I might have gone with Wagner "Ride of the VALKYRIES"<br />
when I was younger...DD

Not as heavy but acceptable.

Mighty Mouse..Here i come to save the Day!!!...DD<br />
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