Introverted Sensing Feeling Judger


About Your Personality Type

You are the closest thing there is to a perfect parent. Taking care of others in your sweet, giving, and gentle way is perhaps your greatest desire and is what keeps the rest of us feeling safe, warm, and cared for. Starting and building a family are top priorities for you, often more important than a career or other interests. Although you may prosper in your chosen profession, very little in life gives you more pleasure than taking care of your children and the husband or wife you hold dear.

ISFJ when in love

As a Caretaker, you believe love represents safety, responsibility, commitment, and ultimately, marriage and children. While those words may scare off certain LoveTypes, for you, these words perfectly describe what you want from a romantic relationship. Once you make up your mind about your mate, you tend to sustain an unwavering devotion toward him or her. Even if the relationship is lousy, you may be reluctant to give it up because of the tremendous importance you place on your commitment to your partner. Sometimes you suffer because you obey the dictates of tradition and stay in a terrible relationship, even though your common sense screams at you to leave.

soma1971 soma1971
46-50, M
Mar 6, 2010