Dirty Floors

I wear White Athletic socks most of the time around the house.

They are a mess as are my floors.

DrewBerry DrewBerry
46-50, F
4 Responses Nov 12, 2008

You are an original Max and you have NO IDEA how often you cross my mind friend. You are a pure soul and I luv ya!

Poor sock! You don't even want to know about my poor socks. My dirty nasty feet will sweat naked on an iceberg. Naked in bed, hanging out the window of my car while I'm doing 90 in the slow lane. I've often thought of casting my dirty feet away, of cutting them off and putting them in the dumpster. And I ain't to old to hurry, cause I ain't to old to die, but I sure am hard to beat.


me too, but mine are black.<br />
<br />
Being Virgoan though, I know that they are dirty!!!<br />
<br />