My mind is stuck on the powers that Vampires often have. I would love to jump from a tall building, land safely, and then run away giggling. And the super speed and super strength seems great! :-D

I would like those powers, without having to be undead or dependent on drinking blood. =p

But, on an X-Men level... I always wanted to have the power of electricity. Not just forming it and using it towards foes. But the ability to turn into electrical current and hop into outlets... and then travel electrical lines! I could spy on the bad guys, listening to their plans, as I am hiding in the hideout's electrical system. And my hero name would be, "Sparks!" Whoo-hoo! :-D

The only downside is... I'd have to avoid water. :-/

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I'm a DBZ fan and there's a character on the show named Piccolo and one of his powers is that he could make clothes. I've always thought that would be the coolest power to have.

Right on sister,,,anybody can do anything they believe,,,,love and light mary

You are so fun,,,traveling in the electricte,,,that would be very cool,,,In my world God and I control the weather,,,stroms are my favorite,,,when I am feeling really upset,,,the stroms come and comfort me,,,once I had this tape that I believed brought the rain to me everytime I would play it,,,,lol,,,thats so crazy,,,loving you mary