The Learner

My superpower would be the ability to learn anything immediately. Astrophyiscs? bam I know it...Judo gimme just a it. Kantian sweat. Economics, Art, Engineering, Open heart surgery, how to tie knots, knitting, how to play cricket, bam bam bam. How to read minds...I am already there. How to build an orrey...already finished the design.
How would I be doing this? I would be instantaneously accessing the Collective Consciousness, The Akashic Records, of all humans who have ever lived and will ever live and at the speed of a computer processor downloading information about any subject that has ever, is, or will ever exist within the confines of the human experience.I would have access to all knowledge.
What would be the point of this you may wonder? I would be a pro at whatever I started before I started. If i needed to pick a lock I would know how. If i needed to take on a wushu master I would instantly be at his level and probably more skilled. If i needed to fly a plane, pilot a ship, or drive a tank I would be able to instantly access the information and know it by heart. If I needed to make money I could easily master the markets. If I needed to charm my way I would have the knowledge of all the most charismatic people who have ever or will ever live. If i needed to hack into a computer I could do it the first time without fail.
What would I do with power? After amassing a vast fortune to fund my activities I would set about altering the course of humanity away from its current oncoming collision with disaster. With my vast fortune and my business connections I would have access to global players from all fields. I would pour never ending amounts of capital and time into technologies that work, are sustainable, and that could be provided cheaply. My organization would be vast. My reach would be unending. I would travel the earth undermining the efforts of those who do not hold the greater good in mind. I would out compete industries that are no longer beneficial to humanity. I would direct all of my efforts, all of my fortune, and all my knowledge, which would be unending, to ushering in a golden age of humanity where we as species would truly learn to live. Once that goal was achieved it would be time to venture to the stars.
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3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

That would be an awesome power to have.

Wow you would put it to great use. Interesting story.

wow u definitely have a good use for that kind of power. i was gonna say my power would be to instantly heal from any injury no matter how severe in a matter of seconds. but that wouldnt really make life for myself or others better per se.... so id go with yours.